Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Training Trial this Saturday, Oct 24th

This coming weekend we will be doing a training trial at Kelley Creek Farm starting at 9am, break for lunch.
We will set sheep for you on our regular trial field or you can choose to have sheep set out in the alfalfa field below.
You will have 15 min to trial or train your dog, you can even ask for the sheep to be reset if
you want to redo your outrun.

Cost is $10.00 per run.

We will have sheep to work in the smaller pens for $10.00 per dog for a 1/2 hour session.

Bring something to share for lunch and your own drinks.

I will have time for a few private lessons in the afternoon on Sat and I can do
some more on Sun, please contact us to set up time.

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